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Gecko Kids

Gecko Kids is a local brand registered in Mauritius since 1992 and has been a known reference in the clothing and design industry. The designs are inspired by the island’s colours and identity and this unique concept brought a lot of foreign and local attention to the brand.

The young customers love the Gecko Kids logo which is a cute and colourful little lizard.


Since its creation in the beautiful island of Mauritius, Gecko Kids has never ceased to be the meeting place for customers in search of sparkling colors, which are inspired by the blue sky, the fauna and flora, the sun and the sea. A selection of clothes is available throughout the seasons in limited series and unique pieces. Gecko Kids products are original, colourful, comfortable and durable. Casual clothes, beach wear, resort dresses are developed to cater for the children’s wardrobe and good quality gifts.


Gecko Kids offers unique and authentic products designed and manufactured locally and inspired by the little colourful "Gecko" and the unique identity and culture of Mauritius.


Gecko Kids products are known as

•Easily washable and durable

•Sewn in 100% cotton (except for the beachwear collection)

•Fabrics are treated to eliminate pilling and shrinkage

•Very soft to the touch and skin

•Prints are made with water-based ink

•Embroidery and crochet are hand-made

Dias Pier, Caudan Waterfront, Port Louis

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