Information Kiosk

The Caudan Information Kiosk is located in Le Pavillon entrance hall.
Two charming ladies will answer your questions with a smile.

The Marina

La Marina at Le Caudan Waterfront, better known as ‘Bassin des Chaloupes’, is situated in a privileged harbouring location and offers ideal mooring conditions for Mauritian as well as foreign yachts and pleasure crafts.

As you sail on latitude 20° 09.4 South and longitude 57° 29.45 East, the Port-Louis Radio VHF welcomes you on the 12-14-16 channel right at the entrance of Port-Louis. After usual formalities at the ‘Customs steps’, the Security & Maintenance service of Le Caudan Waterfront will meet you at the Marina.

The depth of the Le Caudan Marina varies at low tide, ranging from 2 to 4 meters.

Services available at bay: 20 berths with electrical and water connections, showers and toilets, laundry, parking and taxis.


The daily mooring fee depends on the size of the boat:

(Marina Fee per 24 hours / including : Mooring – Electricity – Water – Shower – Wifi)

  •  Up to 12 mts: Rs 650 • 12.01 mts – 14 mts: Rs 800
  • 14.01 mts – 19 mts: Rs 1200
  • 19.01 mts – 25 mts: Rs 1500
  •  25.01 mts – 30 mts: Rs 1900
  • Over 30.1 mts : upon application

Wharf Facility only – Rs 500 – First 2 hours & Rs 500 – For every additional hours or part of

Electrity only – Rs 350 + Wharf Facility Rs 500
Water only – Rs 150 + Wharf Facility Rs 500
Slipway only – Rs 1000 + Wharf Facility Rs 500 (optional)

Laundry (Contact: AAFSC Abdraheman) Week days only from 09h00 to 16h00 : Rs 150 /kg cloth

General services

Some of the services available in Caudan are:

• ATM services provided by the MCB
• Booking for theatre and show tickets for Caudan Arts Centre
• Corsairfly



Caudan security services

Providing a welcoming, but protective presence that favours safe shopping and leisure: such is the code of conduct followed by guards of Caudan Security when it comes to enforcing safety within Le Caudan Waterfront.

Created in 1997, Caudan Security has built its reputation on its service of excellence. The company ensures security control all through the commercial centre, with a team of more than 70 security guards, all fully experienced in observation and intervention techniques and focusing on customer care.

The security guards always keep watch over everything going on within Le Caudan to ensure the safest environment for clients and shops and in public areas. The security team is fully trained in communication and public relations, and thus able to greet and inform visitors so as to allow families, youngsters and children to comfortably find their way through the galleries, shops and offices. During popular events, Caudan Security deploys a team devised according to the importance of the crowd.

Caudan Security offers a 24-hour service, operating on shifts of 8 hours and on a prevention-based approach. Security watch is managed through control rooms under the supervision of a fully experienced controller.

The main security post ensures the following:
• Follow up on 60 cameras overviewing the Caudan Waterfront area
• Permanent radio contact with all its members
• Taking over from an emergency intervention ensured by a security guard


Parking facilities

Number of parking spaces (payable) available:

Barkly Wharf and Marina Quay: 426
Dias Pier: 451
Parking opens at 7 a.m.

The motorbike/bicycle parking (including helmet consignment) is at Barkly Wharf.


Non-covered parking: First 4 hours are Rs 50 and any additional hour after the 1st 4 hours are Rs 50.
Free Non-covered parking: As from 16hrs on week-days, from 12hrs30 on Saturdays and free whole day on Sundays and public holidays.
Covered parking (located in Dias Pier): First 4 hours are Rs 80 and any additional hour after the 1st 4 hours are Rs 80.
Depot for motorbike helmets (located at parking No 2) incurs a fee of Rs. 25.

Facilities for handicapped persons:

Complimentary reserved parking and wheelchair facilities (contact the Security office)
Access ramps from the parking lot
Easy access to the centre’s upper levels from the parking lot via lifts situated on Level 0 of Barkly Wharf, Dias Pier and l’Observatoire’s tower.