Earth's Cry

Pathos, anger, fear, disgust, sadness, humour and love, all expressed through words, music, movement, dance and video. “Earth’s cry” forces Nature to speak, to express its grievances to Humans, to reveal the cruelty it is subjected to.


With the effects of global warming, pollution of the air and oceans, deforestation, we are facing a serious ecological crisis that threatens the survival of all forms of life on Earth. We, inhabitants of small islands, will be the first to be affected. The erosion of our beaches, the degradation of our coral reefs, flash floods, drought, extreme heat, are local realities today. We recently witnessed the enormous damage that could have been caused by the Wakashio oil spill to our lagoon, had it not been for immediate action.

From this, emerges an understanding that we must have a deep respect for the earth's interrelated natural systems, and develop a sense of urgency about the need to make profound cultural and social changes in order to repair and sustain the long-term health of the planet. For our own sake, we have to heal the Earth since we are all an integral part of it. We are inseparable from Nature; Its pain is our pain; its fate is our fate.


The story line is based on essays by environmental thinkers and activists working on Deep Ecology; a global grassroots environmental movement that seeks to redress the shallow and piecemeal approach to technology-based ecology.

The set and the costumes have been designed from recycled materials to enhance both the conceptual and visual content.


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